9th Grade Academy

The Ninth Grade Academy, developed around the concept of a small learning community, is a school-within-a-school organized around interdisciplinary teams of English, math, science, and social studies. Incoming freshmen are connected to a select team of caring academy staff who will use research proven best instructional strategies to teach the curriculum as well as address their students’ needs more personally. Teachers work in a collaborative environment and are committed to the learning of the students they share.

It is the mission of the Ninth Grade Academy to assist the incoming freshman make a smooth transition into high school and meet the rigorous high school standards.

To provide programs and supports addressing the unique needs of entering freshman resulting in increased achievement.

Benefits To Students (Research Based) include:

  • Increased academic achievement,
  • Reduced discrepancies in the achievement gap that plague poorer children and, too often, children of color,
  • Increased student attendance, attitudes and behavior,
  • Reduces isolation that often seeds alienation and violence,
  • Promotes positive feelings about self and others,
  • Increased number of students matriculating to 10th grade,
  • Lower student drop out rate,
  • Increased extracurricular participation rate,
  • Develops student awareness of academic/career options,
  • Stronger student-teacher relationships,
  • Enhancement of student ability to apply academic content and the Skills For Success: Learning, Thinking, Technology, Interpersonal, and Communication skills in real world and workplace settings,
  • Integration of academic and technical skills, and
  • Involvement of each student along with his/her parent/guardian in a guidance system.